Tonight on the Titanic

Tonight on the Titanic

Book #



Hour of the Olympics


Buffalo Before Breakfast


The Mystery of the Enchanted Dog

Publication date

March 23, 1999

Time setting


Place setting

The RMS Titanic

Internal chronology

No information

Tonight on the Titanic is the sevententh installment to the Magic Tree House series. First appearance of friend and ally Teddy though in dog form. The book is preceded by Hour of the Olympics and succeded Buffalo Before Breakfast.


The magic tree house transports Jack and Annie to the deck of the Titanic to find a mysterious gift that will free a mysterious puppy from a terrible magic spell.


  1. A New Mission
  2. The Unsinkable Ship
  3. SOS
  4. Put On Your Life Belts!
  5. William and Lucy
  6. Women and Children First
  7. The Gift
  8. Every Man for Himself
  9. Time Stops
  10. A Touch of Magic

Notes on time and place settings

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