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Buffalo Before Breakfast


Dingoes at Dinnertime


The Mystery of the Enchanted Dog

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August 17, 1999

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Tigers at Twilight

Tigers at Twilight is the ninteenth installment to the Magic Tree House series. The book is preceded by Buffalo Before Breakfast and succeded by Dingoes at Dinnertime.


Having used the magic tree house to travel to India, where they must get a gift to help free Teddy the dog from a spell, Jack and Annie have adventures involving a tiger and other endangered jungle animals.


  1. How far away?
  2. Kah and Ko
  3. Life or Death
  4. Swing Time
  5. Night Walk
  6. Swamp Creature
  7. Trapped!
  8. Wonder Dog
  9. The Hermit
  10. Who Are You, Really?

Notes on time and place settings

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