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The Knight at Dawn

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Dinosaurs Before Dark


Mummies in the Morning

The second book in the Magic Tree House series is titled The Knight at Dawn. It was written by Mary Pope Osborne and illustrated by Sal Murdocca. It has sixty-six pages and ten chapters. It was published and released in 1993. It was re-released by Scholastic Inc. by arrangement with Random House Inc. in 1995. It was printed in the United States.


  1. ===The Dark Woods (1)===
  2. ===Leaving Again (10)===
  3. ===Across the Bridge (17)===
  4. ===Into the Castle (24)===
  5. ===Trapped (30)===
  6. ===Ta-da! (36)===
  7. ===A Secret Passage (42)===
  8. ===The Knight (50)===
  9. ===Under the Moon (56)===
  10. ===One Mystery Solved (62)===


Audio Book

Main article: The Knight at Dawn (audio)

The Knight at Dawn has been put on compact disc for those who would rather listen to the stary than read it.

Research Guide


The Cover of Knights and Castles

Main article: Knights and Castles

The non-fiction companion to The Knight at Dawn is the research guide Knights and Castles. It was written by Mary Pope Osborne and Will Osborne and was illustrated by Sal Murdocca. It was published and released in 2001.

Critical Reception

Being the sequel to a very well received book, The Knight at Dawn was received with a mainly postitive attitude. Like the prequel, it can be found in almost any library with children's books in America.

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