Teddy is a young sorcerer in training that first appeared to be a wheaten terrier puppy in the Enchanted Dog arc. He made a return appearance in the second Merlin mission book as one of Morgan's apprentices. It was known that he did not like to study, wasted time, disrespected nature, and was a coward. until Jack and Annie brought him the four special gifts to turn him into a human. While everyone calls him "Teddy" his real name is unknown as "Teddy" was his nickname when he was a dog and he didn't reveal his real name following his return to human form, instead asking to be called "Ted" which Jack and Annie only did for the last chapter of Dingoes at Dinnertime. Starting in Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve, Teddy joins Jack and Annie on many of their adventures with his selkie friend Kathleen. Teddy proves to be a somewhat-inept sorcerer with his rhymes never working much and needing Kathleen's help to finish them at times. Despite this, he is a great help at times and in later books seems to have improved somewhat, though he still needs Kathleen's help with more complicated magic. While starting out as someone they rescued on one of their missions, Teddy becomes one of Jack and Annie's best friends and someone they rely on for help. In return, he relies on them too when he needs help such as when he accidentally turned Penny the Penguin into stone and wanted to keep it from Merlin. He later called upon their help to rescue Kathleen from behind enemy lines in World War II when he couldn't go himself due to his own duties. His age is not given in the books, but when he first appears in human form, he's described as being around ten or so while in later books he's said to be a teenager.

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