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Night of the Ninjas

Book #

No information


Pirates Past Noon


Afternoon on the Amazon


Rescuing Morgan

Publication date

March 21, 1995

Time setting


Place setting

Nagasaki, Japan

Internal chronology

No information

Night of the Ninjas is the fifth installment in the Magic Tree House series. It was written by Mary Pope Osborne and illustrated by Sal Murdocca. The book is preceded by Pirates Past Noon and succeeded by Afternoon on the Amazon.


Jack and Annie visit the tree house and are whisked off to Ancient Japan and the time of the ninjas. They meet some ninjas and must sneak around a samurai.


  1. Back Into the Woods (3)
  2. The Open Book (10)
  3. E-hy! (14)
  4. Captured (20)
  5. Flames in the Mist (28)
  6. Shadow Warrior (33)
  7. To the East (40)
  8. Dragon Water (48)
  9. Mouse-walk (55)
  10. 'Night, Peanut (64)

Notes on time and place settings

  • It is mentioned in the book that they landed in Japan during its Period of Isolation, which lasted from 1633-1853.
  • It is implied that they arrived within a generation prior to their later visit to Japan, Dragon of the Red Dawn, which was certainly in the 1680s.
  • Ninjas were dying out in the 17th century. The only place where we have evidence of their existence is the countryside of Nagasaki in the late 1630s. In fact, the Samurai seen in the book may have been stationed there because of the Shimibara revolt in 1637.
  • The river crossed by Jack and Annie could have been the Nakashima river, outside of Nagasaki.
  • In terms of Internal Chronology, this adventure takes place a few days after the last adventure, Pirates Past Noon.

See Also

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