Earthquake in the Early Morning

Earthquake in the Early Morning

Book #



Twister on Tuesday


Stage Fright on a Summer Night


Morgan's Library

Publication date

July 24, 2001

Time setting


Place setting

San Francisco, California

Internal chronology

No information

Earthquake in the Early Morning is the twenty-fourth installment to the Magic Tree House series. The book is preceded by Twister on Tuesday and succeded by Stage Fright on a Summer Night.


The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie to San Francisco in 1906, in time for them to experience one of the biggest earthquakes the United States had ever known.


  1. Tweet-tweet
  2. Thunder Under the Ground
  3. The Great Shake
  4. What's the Story?
  5. Stop! Stop!
  6. Something to Lend
  7. Dynamite!
  8. Good Luck, San Francisco!
  9. The Wonderful Room
  10. The Mystery of Morgan's Library

Notes on time and place settings

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