Day of the Dragon King

Book #

No information


Vacation Under the Volcano


Viking Ships at Sunrise


The Mystery of the Lost Stories

Publication date

April 20th, 1998

Time setting

Ancient China

Place setting


Internal Chronology

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Day of the Dragon King is the fourteenth installment to the Magic Tree House series. The book is preceded by Vacation Under the Volcano and succeeded by Viking Ships at Sunrise.


The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back two thousand to ancient China where they must find the original copy of an old legend before the Imperial Library is burned down by the evil Dragon King. 


  1. The Bamboo Book
  2. The Cowherd
  3. The Silk Weaver
  4. The Great Wall
  5. The Scholar
  6. The Dragon King
  7. The Burning of the Books
  8. The Tomb
  9. The Silk Path
  10. The Ancient Legend

Notes on time and place settings

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