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High Tide in Hawaii


Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve


Quest to Save Camelot

Publication date

August 25, 2009

Time setting

December 24

Place setting


Internal chronology

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Christmas in Camelot is the twenty-ninth installment to the Magic Tree House series and the first of the Merlin Missions.


On Christmas Eve, Jack and Annie's tree house transports them to King Arthur's castle in Camelot, where they undertake a quest to the Otherworld.


  1. A Royal Invitation
  2. This is Camelot?
  3. The Knights of the Round Table
  4. Who Will Go? 
  5. Rhymes of the Christmas Knight
  6. A White Comet
  7. A Good Trick
  8. The Otherworld
  9. The Lost Knights
  10. The Knights' Gifts
  11. The Crystal Cave
  12. Fire With Fire
  13. Your Horses Are Waiting
  14. Return
  15. Christmas Magic
  16. Welcome Home

Notes on time and place settings

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