Buffalo Before Breakfast

Book #



Tonight on the Titanic


Tigers at Twilight


The Mystery of the Enchanted Dog

Publication date

May 18, 1999

Time setting

The American Old West

Place setting

The Great Plains

Internal Chronology

No information

Buffalo Before Breakfast is the eighteenth installment to the Magic Tree House series. The book is preceded by Tonight on the Titanic and succeded by Tigers at Twilight.


The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie to the Great Plains, where they learn about the life of the Lakota Indians.


  1. Teddy's Back!
  2. Ocean of Grass
  3. Black Hawk
  4. Good Manners
  5. Sunlight and Midnight
  6. Stampede!
  7. White Buffalo Woman
  8. Sacred Circle
  9. Lakota School
  10. Good Medicine

Notes on time and place settings

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